Admission Policy

A registration fee of $50 for each child is charged to families wishing to enrol their child. This fee will be refunded when your child withdraws if the daycare account balance is at zero.

Enrolment into the centre is at the discretion of the Executive Director. The Executive Director considers all factors when considering enrolment into the centre.

Fees & Payments

The daily fee for preschoolers is $20.80 and the daily fee for infants is $30.00. If your child is in the centre for over > 10 hours of care you will be pay a daily rate up to a maximum of $29.70 for preschoolers, and up to a maximum of $43.50 for infants. A late fee will be charged starting at 5:30 pm for the day program according to the clock in the front entrance. Late fees for preschoolers are $1.39 per minute and late fees for infants are $2.00 per minute. Failure to pay late fees and/or late pick up on three (3) occasions will result in you being given notice to withdrawal from day care.

Bills are sent out every four weeks or 20 days. All days must be paid for. No credit will be given for sick days or vacations. A payment in full is required by the end of the billing period .